Testimonial: Ms.I.H., Tokyo, Oct 31 ,2014

I feel my hair is slightly softer now and gray hair reduced somewhat. It is very refreshing to use MaxRoot that clears up my scalp. This is specially good for even busy people as so easy to apply and devided in small tubes is extremely useful.

Suggest MaxRoot Hair Growth, no dandruff

Testimonial: Ms. D.G., Virginia, USA, May 20 ,2014

Using MaxRoot Scalp Massage Gel as directed produced very desirable results. I experienced renewed hair growth, some natural restoration of color, increased volume, and generally healthier, more youthful looking hair. The product is easily applied, and has remained comfortably on my scalp over night without any burning or itching sensation. Given the organic components of the product, and the "generally recognized as safe" ingredients otherwise, it is a very welcome addition to the scalp massage gel market!

Testimonial: Ms. C.A., Barcelona, Spain, May 17, 2014

First I did the allergy test, once overcome successfully used Maxroot vials with freshly washed hair, applying it in the root, two to three times a week. My experience is positive, I have more hair volume, but continued with itchy scalp, possibly because I have quite a few gray hairs and I have to dye my hair, also influences the pool chlorine added to water. I have long hair but very fine, I drop much, much, I find hairs all over the house, the couch, the floor, wash my hair when I pick up a considerable handful of hair from the drain.

Testimonial: Mr. C. from Italy, May 12, 2014

I am extremely happy for the great result. The color is darker and I have much more hair than before. 

I started to use MaxRoot 6 month ago, and I am so happy with the result so far. Small hair start to regrow and the volume increased. Also my hair color became darker again. I have no more dandruff, and no itching. I am continuing to use MaxRoot.

Suggest MaxRoot Hair Growth, no dandruff

Testimonial: Ms. N.G., New Jersey, USA, May 7, 2014

I have been using MaxRoot for less than 6 month, and I believe I can see the hairs darkening but its much too soon to tell. Messaging it into my scalp feels good. I'm looking forward to the experience, if it works I am a permanent customer. As will be some of my friends.

Testimonial: Mr. M.P. Tokyo, Japan, May 6, 2014

Amazing, at my age of 59, (and it has been 2 years, since I started to use MaxRoot), I could not find any additional bald areas on my scalp any longer. Instead, most of my half bald back head is now well covered with hair again. Also the front head has regrown a lot of hair and it makes me look at least 10 years younger. No new hair is growing white or grey on my scalp. I have no Dandruff, even some of my skin deformations have disappeared. I can recommend MaxRoot to anybody who cares about a healthy, nice looking hair.

Suggest MaxRoot Hair Growth, no dandruff

Testimonial: A.M. Japan, June 23, 2013

Tried MaxRoot on my husband! Amazing results!! More hair growing, less hair fall and no more dandruff! Thanks to MaxRoot!

MaxRoot Hair Growth, no dandruff

Testimonial: S.I. Tokyo, May 20, 2013

I have been using MaxRoot for 2 month now, and tried to test on myself, to see if it makes a difference. I am quite amazed to see the outcome. I applied MaxRoot as instructed on only my left side eyebrows, and did not apply it on my right. Please see for yourself, what great result I got. I am now starting to apply MaxRoot on my right side too, to have both sides without white hair. I will recommend MaxRoot to all my friends.

image compares With and without using MaxRoot

Testimonial: M.K., Tokyo, Feb. 17, 2013

It's a good news ! I update you that somewhat I acknowledged this morning in the mirror that my forehead hair began to show effect ! As I have a slight headache to see V shaped progress of baldness on my forehead, therefore scalp of rectangular shape on both sides of left and right has been a problem. At this time apparently on the right side where has been broadly becoming thinner, thanks to gel smeared and massaged by MaxRoot, the hair began to sprout somewhat, where looks darker than 2 weeks ago. Also, more or less, silver/white thick hair above both sides of ear appear somewhat back to darker hair...

Testimonial: Max, Sep 4, 2012

“My name is Max. I’m 57 years old. I have used MaxRoot to treat my hair for 3 weeks only and have seen great improvement. My original hair color is slowly appearing back again and I feel already 10 years younger. Thank you “MaxRoot” you make me smile”

Testimonial: Som, Sep 3, 2012

“My name is Som. I’m 42 years old. I started to have white hair in my early 30th. First I pulled them out but there was no ending and luckily, I found “MaxRoot”. It’s amazing after only 1 month of regular treatment. No more white hair regrew”
“First I used to color my hair at least twice a month. Since I heard, that hair coloring is dangerous to health and I felt, it was also damaging my hair, I decided to try something different.”
Now, after, 2 years of using MaxRoot, many new hair grew black, old white hair turned dark brown, less hair fall out and my hair volume feels much increased. The hair feels smooth and healthy and I have not used hair color for 2 years. Thanks to “MaxRoot”.


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