What is “MaxRoot”?

MaxRoot is a Cosmetic Hair Root Massage Gel, rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, C, E, Biotin & Protein. Made from 100 % Organically grown Citrus fruit extract. Every batch is laboratory tested to prevent contaminants and pesticides. All the Vitamins are good for your healthy hair growth and maximize the power of your hair root, feel the volume and avoid chemical hair coloring which might be dangerous to your health.

image hair root before MAxRoot image hair root with vitamins image strong hair after MaxRoot

How does MaxRoot work?

MaxRoot works like a Vitamin Elixir to your Scalp and Hair Root. The vitamin compound needs to be well massaged into the Scalp, so that it can reach deep down to the follicle of the hair shaft and whereby is gradually rejuvenating your hair roots. Our research was done by independent world leading laboratories, and they found the following list of active ingredients that are all good for a healthy hair:

Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, C, E,
Biotin & Protein


The MaxRoot Fruit extract has been used since old age in the northern parts of Thailand in a particular and secret way of preparation to maintain health and beauty of the Siam people’s shiny hair. The type of fruit used is know in Asia as Makroot fruit, and in other parts of the world as Kaffir Lime. The scientific name is Citrus Histrix. Makroot leaves are also used as a main ingredients for Tom Yang Kung, a traditional Thai dish. The pealing of the fruit has been used in massage oils.

Max Petitjean discovered the power of this fruit and it’s effects during his extended travels in Asia and applied a world patent for the preparation of MaxRoot in November of 2010. The name MaxRoot was derived from the inventors name Max and the way of discovery, the Root of his studies. Trade Mark brand application for MaxRoot has been done.

The study of MaxRoot was a joint effort between Max Petitjean (who is a Swiss National and 35 years resident of Japan), and some leading Japanese Cosmetic company. Apipol Farma Japan K.K. applied for the first Cosmetic license for MaxRoot and it’s distribution in Japan.

Natural Remedies For Gray Hair Faster Hair Growth Vitamins
We analized several types of the Fruit, and found, that the ones grown in the countryside of Buriram, some 500 km north from the city of Bangkok and some 100 km north west from Cambodia had the right vitamin mix for our use.

The fruit farms are away from any large civilization and we have applied for Organic certification. Due to the rising demand in MaxRoot, we started a new Organic plantation with currently 500 trees which will finally have 2’500 trees, purely used for MaxRoot and the beauty of your hair.

The fruits are all Organically grown and harvested by the local farmers as shown on these pictures.

This is the 2nd phase plantation, with 500 trees, and the Organic Inspector. The plants are watered with an irrigation system from the clean natural river water trans passing our Organic farm.

Natural Remedies For Gray Hair Faster Hair Growth Vitamins Natural Remedies For Gray Hair Faster Hair Growth Vitamins

The Production

After harvest, the fruits travel 1000 km to the south of Thailand, where they are being sorted washed and processed in accordance with our patented application. To keep the vitamins at it’s best stage, the extract is immediately vacuum packed and shipped under temperature control back to Bangkok, where one of the world’s leading cosmetic laboratories with over 1200 employees, test and process our MaxRoot to the finished product.

In the extraction plant, as well as in the clinical laboratory, we have very strict control rules. We are very strict on bacterial contamination rules, and therefore, every batch is tested at least 3 times, before they leave our distribution centers to reach the final consumer. Our contracted laboratory is GMP and ISO Certified by the Food and Drug Administration of the Minitry of public Health.

Ingredients list:

MaxRoot Cosmetic Scalp Massage Gel has been classified in Japan as Cosmetic product and is made from;

95.2 % of 100 % Organic MaxRoot Citrus fruit extract
4.8 % of Anti Bacterial, Gel Maker, Skin Conditioner

All above ingredients are classified as cosmetic products that are safe for consumers and other users under normal condition,
and classified as non hazardous ingredients.


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